"Each patient has a unique story", the stories of some of TIDE's patients are listed above...

TIDE BC is a new care and research program, based in Vancouver BC, that sees doctors and researchers working together to find ways to best support children with intellectual disability/developmental delay (ID).

ID is often associated with behavioural problems (such as hyperactivity, autism, aggressive and self injurious behaviour), epilepsy and other neurological disabilities, resulting in a great deal of stress for patients and families.
TIDE BC researchers have found that ID in some children is due to treatable genetic conditions (know as inborn errors of metabolism). These are all rare diseases and more than 80 in total.
Treatments include modified diets, supplements and drugs. Improvement of development, intellectual functioning, epilepsy control, behaviour and psychiatric disturbances, and/or neurologic deficits may be seen in some children.
TIDE BC is about the prevention and treatment of ID.

ID is a frequent and devastating condition, affecting every area of life. Worldwide, 2-3% of the population suffers from ID. In British Columbia 40,000 individuals have ID and about 1000 newborns are diagnosed with ID every year.
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TIDE BC has developed a protocol that has been designed to improve the time it takes to detect these conditions.

BC Children’s Hospital is the first hospital in the world to implement this protocol as new standard of care for all patients. This means that doctors can begin to work together sooner to understand your child’s condition.

If there is a treatment, your child will be started on treatment as soon as possible.
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  1. When your child’s doctor refers your child to TIDE-BC he or she is doing so because this program may help your child. [+]

    The TIDE BC program is located in BC Children's Hospital in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

  2. Blood and urine tests will be taken from your child to help understand what condition(s) he/she may have. [+]

    More than half of all disorders are potentially identified by chemical tests in urine and blood. For the remaining disorders, individual testing for each specific disease is necessary. Because tests to diagnose these disorders are not widely available, and/or expensive, they cannot be done for everyone, but only after specific hints have become available through an extensive clinical by an experienced specialist.

  3. Depending on the results additional tests will be conducted and your child will be seen by specialists all working together to come up with the best plan of care for your child. [+]

    Your child will be seen by specialists from the following areas at BC Children’s Hospital:
    • Neurology
    • Medical Genetics
    • Biochemical Diseases
    • Psychiatry
    • Developmental Pediatrics

  4. Your child’s pediatrician and family doctor will be included in all test results. [+]

    TIDE BC is working hard to coordinate the care your child will receive.

  5. It is important to remember that some ID's are treatable, not all. [+]

    Whatever the tests find, the doctors and BC Children’s, along with other specialized care providers, will work with you and your child to best support your family.

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Please consider joining the TIDE-DATA BANK and TIDE-TISSUE BANK research initiatives. This will help us improve our understanding of the causes of ID and develop more and better treatments in the future.


TIDE BC researchers will collect and store your child’s medical information in a database for evaluating & improving the efficacy of the TIDE protocol.


TIDE BC researchers will store your child’s blood and urine samples for future use in research studies investigating novel causes and treatments of ID.

With your permission TIDE BC will link the TIDE DATA BANK with the TIDE TISSUE BANK to allow for more useful information to be obtained by researchers. Your child cannot be identified at any time. All information will be kept confidential.

Interested to take part in the TIDE BC research study?

If you are thinking about taking part in this research study, remember:
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It is always your choice to take part. You can change your mind at any time
You and your child will always receive the best possible care, whether or not you are in these studies
Your privacy is guaranteed. If you agree to participate in a research study only members of the research team will have access to information about you and your family
If you would like to take part in our research study or would like more information:

Please contact our research coordinators:
Mirafe Lafek
Biochemical Diseases or Medical Genetics

Tyler Murphy
Should you choose to participate a TIDE BC research coordinator will:
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Explain the study to you and your family in more detai
Inform you of what you would be asked to do
Answer questions you may have

Time is Brain...

...Every child with DD/ID should be screened for treatable condition as early as possible

TIDE is the first in the world to prioritize
the identification of treatable diseases for intellectual disability patients

The TIDE Team dedicates their time and brain
to improve outcomes of children with DD/ID


TIDE-BC is the first Collaborative Area of Innovation funded through the BC Children's Hospital Foundation, Vancouver, Canada. To expand the project (inter-)nationally funding application is ongoing.

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Contact Information

TIDE BC / Biochemical Diseases Clinic
BC Children's Hospital
Rm K3-208, ACB
4480 Oak Street
Vancouver, B.C. V6H 3V4

Phone: 604-875-2628 (administrative)
Phone: 604-875-2880 (clinic)
FAX: 604-875-2349