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...Treatability should be prioritized in the diagnostic evaluation of GDD / ID

Our evidence based protocol is designed to effectively identify
treatable inborn errors of metabolism in patients with GDD / ID

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…improve patient outcomes!

TIDE BC is the first in the world to prioritize the identification
of treatable diseases for intellectual disability patients

More information & referral process by BCCH specialist

  • There are 81 treatable inborn errors of metabolism
    which may account for 5% of all global developmental delay (GDD) / intellectual disability (ID) cases.
  • There are 91 therapies
    varying from sick-day management, dietary restrictions & supplements, medications, to haematopoeitic stemcell transplantation. Most are accessible, affordable with acceptable side-effects.
  • These causal treatments
    may improve or stabilize psychomotor & cognitive development, seizures, neurologic deficits, behavioural/psychiatric disturbances and MRI abnormalities.
  • Early recognition
    of one of these treatable conditions in a child with delay or intellectual disability is essential; Time is brain!
  • This evidenced based Protocol
    is designed to effectively identify treatable inborn errors of metabolism in patients with global developmental delay / intellectual disability. Please use it to improve health outcomes of affected children in B.C.
  • Read all steps of the Protocol as outlined above
    Please note that this is an interactive document with clickable segments that hold more information.
  • Referral for further diagnostic evaluation of (treatable) ID/GDD
    Fax to Division of Biochemical Diseases (number 604-875-2349)
    For referral form TIDE Complex Diagnostic Clinic please visit this page.


TIDE-BC is the first Collaborative Area of Innovation funded through the BC Children's Hospital Foundation, Vancouver, Canada. To expand the project (inter-)nationally funding application is ongoing.

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Contact Information

TIDE BC / Biochemical Diseases Clinic
BC Children's Hospital
Rm K3-208, ACB
4480 Oak Street
Vancouver, B.C. V6H 3V4

Phone: 604-875-2628 (administrative)
Phone: 604-875-2880 (clinic)
FAX: 604-875-2349